The start of the year is a great time to focus on new beginnings and to develop some life-changing habits! As you prepare to chase down a dream, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Though looking for a new job can be stressful, here are five resolutions you can make that will help you land a new opportunity in 2018.

Schedule Your Time

You should do something every day related to your job search—don’t lose momentum! Use a daily calendar to stay organized and block out chunks of time for sending out emails, checking out social media postings, or researching new companies. Be specific. Using a monthly calendar, track your goals and successes so you can stay motivated.

Keep Track of Your Contacts

You’ll probably be connecting with dozens of important professionals as your search progresses. They might be other job hunters, recruiters, human resource staffers, or just people working in your field. Eventually, your head will be swimming with names and titles and faces! Use a spreadsheet to store all this information so it’s easily accessible.

Don’t forget to include any action you’ve taken—perhaps sent a follow-up email or a thank-you note. It might even help to list a personal fact about each person. Nothing major or excessively detailed, just a commonality you two have, so you can mention it the next time you see him.

Attend At Least 2-3 Networking Meetings a Month

Yes, networking events can be awkward, but if you’re serious about a new opportunity, take advantage of them. Plan on finding one or two new contacts you can meet with later and make sure those meetings happen! And eat out more. Have lunch or coffee with a friend, colleague, or mentor—someone who might be able to offer a contact or advice to aid your search.

Expand Your Social Networking Skills

LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Facebook. They’re all gold. Spend a few minutes each day reaching out to important contacts and adding “friends” to your network. And use social media to find articles about your industry or a blog with job-seeking advice.

Be Agreeable and Positive

Remember that your friends want to help you! But make sure you’re doing the same for them. Be specific when you request something of them and make it as easy as possible for them to act. If you want them to pass your resume along to someone, make sure you get it to them quickly and in a recognizable, downloadable format. If you’re too demanding, too vague, or difficult to work with, people will be turned off and won’t want to help.

And reward yourself! Job seeking isn’t easy, so acknowledge all your efforts and every success, no matter how small. Celebrate when you schedule a phone interview, or an important hiring manager agrees to meet you for coffee. It’s important to stay positive and confident and not appear desperate!

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