Interviewing in Denver

Denver is booming with talent. The city is growing in a way that attracts qualified candidates, so you have to do your diligence to narrow down the best fit for your company. Here are four tips to help you find the best fits for your company quickly and efficiently.

Define the Job in Plain Language

When you write your job descriptions, focus on the outcome of the job rather than the individual who will fill it. Using plain and specific language, simplify the position into just three areas of responsibility and the three most important requirements. This way, only the best matches will apply, and you have a smaller checklist to work from, meaning you can quickly determine “yes” or “no” for each applicant.

“Sell” Your Company

Recruiting is like sales, so you need to treat candidates like customers and attract top talent. Present your company as “better” than other workplaces. Can you offer a better commute, better pay, more prestigious title, a more enlightened working environment, or a chance for professional growth? Work quickly and efficiently. If you leave candidates in limbo, your risk losing them to a competing company who was able to generate an offer more quickly.

Check Compatibility

Early in the hiring process, find a way to identify the candidate’s primary acceptance criteria—what salary or benefits are they demanding, for example? This way you don’t have to waste time on candidates who would turn down your offer anyway. And stay true to your list of “must haves.” Don’t pursue anyone who seems like they might have trouble getting along with co-workers or customers. Amicability and passion trump skills and qualifications.

Improve the hiring process

Only schedule interviews with people you’d seriously present an offer to. Throughout the interview, be sure to really sell the company and make sure that everyone on your team who meets with candidates is prepared to can articulate why your company is a great place to work.

After hiring a new employee, meet with them two months into the role to have them evaluate your hiring process.

What could you have done better to prepare?

What attracted them specifically to the company?

Call a candidate who didn’t accept your offer and ask him the same kinds of questions, making any necessary changes, so you can streamline your process and make it as efficient as possible.

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