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If you make yourself indispensable and add value to your company, you’ll not only achieve job security, but you’ll set yourself up for a promotion. Stand out, be passionately dedicated, and nurture valuable relationships that are crucial to the company’s success. Here are seven ways to make yourself indispensable at work.

Be Reliable

Come in early and stay late. Be consistent and always do the right thing—you never know what little mistake or shortcut will come back to bite you. Keep promises, meet deadlines, and work with efficiency. Show integrity, forgive others, admit mistakes, and let managers know they can trust you.

Make Your Manager’s Job Easier

Learn what keeps your boss up at night and find solutions for her. Listen carefully, and investigate what needs to be changed, improved, or replaced. If you find a problem before your boss does, don’t just point it out to her. Instead, demonstrate that you have the best interest of the company in mind and offer a solution. Work out a rational decision-making model and a detailed yet concise plan that includes identifying the cause. Try to think like an owner—how to please customers and grow the business, not just how to better your own situation.

Volunteer Yourself for Important Projects

Don’t sacrifice your actual responsibilities, but when you have the chance, always offer to do more. If you’re bringing more value to the company than what you’re currently making, inevitably, they’ll have to pay you your true worth. And the more important the project, the more exposure you’ll get as a go-getter and a valuable member of the team. Make sure you’re being productive, and not just trying to look busy. Managers can tell the difference.

Be the Expert

If you can monopolize a certain skill or area in your company, you’ll be really indispensable. Keep learning and expanding your skills so that you’re valuable and there are actions they can’t take without your involvement.

Share Your Knowledge

Once you’ve mastered those skills, offer to be the person who educates others in that area. Training new employees is a great way to become a valuable asset. Offer advice and mentor your colleagues.

Build Relationships with Senior Managers

Being connected with important people in your company is a great way to advance your career. The more you’re exposed to them, the more quickly you’ll come to mind when they start to consider promotions. Don’t blatantly grovel, but let them see your work—speak up in important meetings and attend special events if you know they’ll be there.

Work with Joy

Be upbeat and even passionate about your work. Remember that your attitude is contagious and often the first thing people think of when they hear your name. So, don’t complain, gossip, or fall into the drama of office politics. Make people feel assured by your presence and eager to be around you.

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