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The hiring process is hugely important in any company. After all, it’s how companies find and bring on talent that can help drive their sustainable growth for years to come. Or not. As you proceed with resume scanning, interviewing, and rating candidates, it’s crucial to provide them with feedback so you can make successful hires. Here are four reasons why hiring feedback is important during the interview process.

Keep the Candidate Engaged

You’re not the only company after the top candidates. In fact, the most talented ones are probably being chased down by several companies. Stay in touch with them and let them know where you are in your process. If possible, clue them into your timeline and give them an approximate date when you’ll have a hiring decision. This way, they won’t accept an offer from another company thinking you’re not interested because they didn’t hear from you. You’d hate to lose your number one candidate because you were too slow to communicate!

Limit Miscommunications

Providing regular feedback and an open dialogue means that the candidates will always have an idea of where you stand in your process. If your candidates don’t hear anything from you after their interviews, they’ll probably assume you’re pursuing other candidates or they’re simply not that interested in you. Even if they find out that you are considering making them an offer, they might decide that a company with a slow, laborious hiring process isn’t one they want to work for.

Streamline the Process

If you drag out your hiring, the candidate’s interest will wane over time. He’ll start to find other companies attractive, especially if they’re able to respond to him quickly. But if you can spark interest and excitement in the candidate and make a fast decision, that excitement will move him or her to jump at your offer.

Hire the Right Candidate

If you can be relatively transparent during your process and provide rapid feedback, it’ll be clear exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll be able to keep the best candidates on the hook while tactfully turning the others away. If you’re evasive, vague, or neglectful in your communications, you might end up letting the most talented candidates slip away and be left with ones that just aren’t a great fit. Provide your hiring managers and recruiters with the correct information they’ll need for successful hiring.

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