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Pre-employment tests are a good way for employers to immediately weed out people who might not fit their requirements or preferences for an ideal candidate. Using the screenings, they can predict personality, behaviors, cognitive ability, physical readiness and more. Here are eight different types of tests that you might want to use to ensure the highest caliber employees.

Is it Legal?

Employers can use tests and other procedures to screen and rank candidates before they’re hired. A lot of them focus on job-related skills and competencies, they’re all legal if the test doesn’t discriminate based on race, color, sex, nationality, religion, disability, or age. They must be related to the job

Personality Tests

Personality tests measure traits or characteristics and help employers determine whether candidates will fit into their company culture. They also predict habits and the likelihood that they’ll engage in certain behavior, particularly dishonest actions that might cost the company.

Talent Assessment Tests

Tests that measure talent help predict how a candidate might perform on specific skills and abilities and thus, whether they’d be able to be employed for long periods of time. Cognitive tests measure a job seeker’s ability to reason, recall and remember, as well as skills in reading comprehension and basic arithmetic. Basically, they’re intelligence tests.

Emotional Intelligence Testing

These tests evaluate how well the candidate understands his own emotions and the emotions of others, a crucial skill for jobs that require managing others, working on a team, or interacting with customers. People in those roles have to be able to handle confrontation, disappointments, and frustrations in a mature and constructive way.

Pre-employment Physical Tests

Jobs that are more physically demanding or even potentially dangerous might require a physical exam to determine how able-bodied an individual is. An employer probably wants to know about the applicant’s strength and stamina. If the job requires a lot of heavy lifting, there might be a physical ability test that targets one particular muscle group, such as the upper body.

Sample Job Task Tests

Some employers require something like an audition, where job candidates might be asked to perform in simulations or provide work samples to assess their aptitude for certain tasks. For example, restaurants want to make sure their wait staff, bartenders, line cooks, and chefs have a substantial knowledge about food, drinks, flavors, and menus, so they often administer tests that assess how well potential employees can handle the job. Sometimes they’re asked to handle common queries and requests from diners or to recite a menu.

Background Checks

Legal, but a little more controversial are background checks. Mostly, employers are looking for information on prior arrests and convictions. Credit checks are another favorite of potential employers. By collecting credit and financial history, companies can gauge character and habits. Drug tests do the same, testing hair or urine for past drug use.

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