Congratulations on your new temporary assignment in Denver!

While you prepare for your new opportunity and begin to think about how to make yourself indispensable, you should also consider critical ways to help position yourself as a leader on your team. Just because you’re employed on a temporary assignment, doesn’t mean you add any less value to the team. In fact, as a temporary employee you hold a critical spot on the team to help them navigate a seasonal spike in production or by adding coverage to a team that would otherwise be left scrambling.

Use this guide to position your temporary assignment in a similar way to a full-time position.

Treat it like a Job Interview

Pretend that your temp assignment is just one long job interview. You’re auditioning, so you always need to be doing your best work. Be on time, enthusiastic, and conscientious. Be the hardest worker and turn in all your assignments on time!

Add Value

Instead of thinking within the limits of your contract, think about whether your actions add value to the company. Don’t think about the number of tasks you completed that day, focus on whether your tasks benefitted the company.  Instead of trying to do too much, you’ll be more focused on higher quality work. If your employer sees that you’re dedicated, supporting the organization as a whole, he’s more likely to want to bring you on permanently.

Exceed Expectations

You must go above and beyond your day-to-day responsibilities. Sure, you can start out by learning the basics of your job description, but once you’ve gotten a handle on it, start putting forth the effort to exceed expectations. Offer to help some of your teammates on other projects and assignments. Look for things that need to be done that no one else is doing. Find ways to save the company money or operate more efficiently.

Tell Them You Want to be There

This seems obvious, but it’s such an important step that it needs to be said. Sit down with your manager and let him know that you want to work there long-term. Otherwise they might just assume you’re happy working as a temp. Ask for feedback on your performance, reiterate your skills and qualifications, and ask if there’s anything else in the department that you can help with. Even if they’re not ready to hire you right now, at least you’ve already performed a trial run and they can refer back to you when something opens up.

Keep Networking

A temp job in Denver is a great chance to meet other hiring managers, department heads, and team leaders in the company—people who can help you get a job there. Impress them, so they can use your influence to help you get hired. Show them that you’re the right fit for the company, that you have the necessary skills, and that you’re willing to keep learning.

Make Yourself Indispensable

As you continue to exceed expectations and offer to be of assistance to other employees, you’ll become needed, that person on the team that they can’t live without. Once you become indispensable, you’ll totally be worth that permanent paycheck.

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