Generation Z in the Workplace

Generation Z is right around the corner! They comprise of individuals who were born between the years 1995 and 2010, so the oldest members of this generation are 22 years old and just entering the workforce.

It’s time to prepare for these future employees, coworkers and employers. They’re similar to Millennials, but they’re also their own unique generation. Here are their characteristics and why you should hire them.

They’re Motivated by Security

Generation Z saw their parents suffer in the Great Recession, so they’re more pragmatic, and driven by security and financial security. They’re committed to making a difference in the world, but their primary focus is making sure they can provide for themselves and their families.

They’re More Competitive

While Millennials are into teamwork, collaboration, and inclusion, Generation Z is more independent. They want to work alone, not having to depend on others, and they want to be judged on the merits of their own work. They understand that they have to work hard, learn more, and develop their own skills to stay relevant. They prefer to work in their own spaces, rather than in open, collaborative workspaces. Some are even opting out of higher education, choosing more affordable and practical options instead.

They can Multitask

This generation of kids is used to switching from app to app and platform to platform—even more so than Millennials—so they’re perfectly trained to multi-task and operate in a few different genres at once. They’re constantly working on their phones, tablets, and laptops, and don’t necessarily delineate between work and home. They’re just busy!

They’re More Entrepreneurial

Generation Z strives for independence and financial success. They’re young, energetic, and willing to work hard to start their own businesses. But they also make great employees—willing to tackle new projects, learn new information, and take on new challenges.

They Want Face-to-Face Interactions

Yes, they’re comfortable communicating over email, text, and Slack, but they prefer in-person conversations. Perhaps they’ve seen that Millennials have become too dependent on technology and they see the nuances that can’t be fully expressed with text alone. Generation Z will value regular in-person meetings to discuss status updates and performance reviews.

They Have Digital Footprints

Millennials grew up as smartphones and free Wi-Fi were becoming a thing. In other words, they remember life without it. But Generation Z can’t even imagine landlines or dial-up Internet. They can easily grasp new software, new apps, and new platforms and have really good technological instincts. They can be introduced to a new app in the morning and be experts in it—without any instruction—by late afternoon!

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