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Developing your workers into managers isn’t something that can happen overnight. It takes months and years, but if you start early enough, engraining skills and traits in them until it’s second nature, they’ll be sufficiently equipped to make important decisions daily. Eventually, they’ll be guiding their peers and direct reports, enhancing not only their own careers, but powering the company as well. Here are five tips that will help turn your workers into managers.

Facilitate Networking

Interpersonal skills are crucial to be a good manager. A good manager can initiate conversations with almost anyone, figure out which people fit into which situations, and confidently ask for what they need or want. Start with small events within your own company. Encourage your future managers to attend and to go outside of their comfort zones — chatting with people they don’t really know. As they grow in comfort and confidence, have them attend community- and industry-wide events, replacing you in representation of your company. As they morph into leaders, not only will they need some of these valuable contacts to succeed, they’ll also need the interpersonal skills they’ve been developing.

Give Them the Right Experiences

Think about some of the tasks you have as a manager—public speaking, delegating, running meetings, planning certain projects. If your employees don’t have experience performing any of these duties, it’s time they start! Begin assigning some of these tasks to your employees. Make sure they have the resources they need to be successful!

Let Them Learn on Their Own

There’s a lot of value in struggling. By working through a tough problem, you’ll learn a lot of lessons and develop the confidence to solve even greater challenges next time. So give your employees more and more responsibilities and the resources to succeed. You don’t have to step in and solve every issue they have. Instead, let them figure out how to problem solve and find help on their own.

Provide Mentors

Seek out chances to meet with your employees one-on-one to discuss their goals, ideas they have, or struggles they’re facing. Or, match them with mentors in other leadership positions who can provide advice and insight. They might be inspired, encouraged, or you might just point them in the right direction.

Allow Them to Take Ownership

The leadership skills you’re coaching your employees in and imparting to them every day will be more significant if there’s a sense of urgency, if the employee is somehow invested in the company. If you can grant them some authority and empower them with some decision-making opportunities, they’ll take more ownership of their actions and decisions. When they feel like valued members of your company, they’ll rise up as leaders in no time.

For more tips on developing leadership and managerial skills in your employees, contact PrideStaff Denver Northwest today! Or, if you’re looking to make your next hire, trust our team of experts to assist you with your initiatives!

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