Finding a Job in Denver | Things to Avoid on Social Media

A job search can be stressful.

You’re constantly worried about making sure you’re presenting your best self. And that includes social media. Social media can be a really great way to connect with hiring managers and network with others who might be able to help you find job opportunities. The flip side of that is that more and more employers are looking up job candidates on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, make sure you’re avoiding these behaviors when you’re in the middle of a job search.

Don’t Appear Lazy

Don’t post any pictures or comments that make you look lazy, unmotivated, or like you’re sabotaging your employer! If you post anything that’s relevant to your job, make yourself seem professional, hardworking, and enthusiastic. And don’t complain about your current job!

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Check your grammar and spelling before you post! Employers don’t want to hire someone who’s careless or doesn’t pay attention to detail. And make sure what you type makes sense and is clear to anyone reading.

Don’t be Inconsistent

Make sure that the details you’re putting on your resume match up with anything you have in your online profiles or any other pictures and comments you post. In other words, if your resume says that you’ve been working in accounting for four years, but your Facebook account shows months and months worth of pictures from your backpacking trip through Europe during that time, it’s time to do some editing. Be honest—hiring managers can always detect a lie. Or they’ll find out the truth when they check your references.

Don’t be Negative

Don’t post any comments that might come across as racist, sexist or discriminatory. Most companies are pretty strict about their discrimination policies, so if you break that policy before you apply, you probably won’t make it very far in their application process. You want to come across as hardworking, diligent, open-minded, and enthusiastic, so keep your posts and comments as positive as possible.

Don’t be Anyone but Yourself

Yes, you might have to clean up your online presence a bit, but make sure your online personality still shines through. Showcase your hobbies and personal interests, so you come across as fun, thoughtful, and easy to get along with.

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