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When you’re applying for a job, you want to make sure you get noticed. And you want to stand out as the best candidate this set of hiring managers has ever seen. You’re sure you’re the perfect person for the job and you want to make sure they know it, too. You need to be bold, confident and creative. Here are some steps that can help you stand out in your job search.

Be the Crafty Hero

Submit a pain letter—a letter in place of your cover letter—that identifies the challenges the company is facing and how you can help save them. Be specific. Show off the amount of effort you’ve put into researching the company and the unique skills you have that will be of value to them.

Network with an Insider

Find someone of significance in that company and send your resume and application directly to that person. If you already know someone in the company, ask them to put in a good word for you. Or use LinkedIn and try to find someone you might be connected to and tell everyone you know that you want to meet someone who works there. A personal reference always means more than a stand-alone resume and cover letter.

Ask Bold Questions

You need to prepare for the interview, researching the company and rehearsing for those standard interview questions. And then you’ll have the chance to ask questions yourself. Be straightforward, confident, and assertive. Show how interested you are in pursuing the opportunity and that you’re a perfect fit for the job.

Craft a Winning Resume

Use as many facts, figures, and numbers as you can in your resume to demonstrate your effectiveness and your accomplishments. Instead of just listing your responsibilities, quantify them so prospective employers can get a clear picture of how hard you’ve worked to achieve your successes and how much value you’ve added to your company.

Show Off Your Portfolio

Whether it’s online or up close and personal, showcase some of your finest work. If you can, align the work samples and the skills you need with the qualifications listed in the job posting. Demonstrate that you’re a perfect match for this role.

Be the Best

If you’re trying to stand out to prospective employers, you can start by excelling in your current role. Put yourself in a position that’ll naturally springboard you into this next role. Which means you have to follow through with a stellar performance, refined skills, an open-minded personality, and a hard-working reputation.

Follow Up

Send a personalized thank you note to everyone who interviewed you. Reiterate your enthusiasm for the position, emphasize your relevant skills, and mention anything you forgot to say during the interview. Keep it short and send it within twenty-four hours, so they know your interest is sincere.

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