Partnering with a Staffing Agency in Denver

Hiring new employees is probably something you’re not particularly fond of doing.

You’d rather focus on growing your business, planning a marketing strategy, or managing the employees you have, coaching them and developing their skills.

Plus, making the right hire, matching the perfect candidate with the skills you need, is an art form! It’s not easy to do and a bad hire can cost your company money and time. The Department of Labor and Industry estimates that it costs about a third of an employee’s salary to replace them. Here’s why your small business should partner with a staffing provider to meet your hiring needs.

They’re Market Experts

Many staffing providers are experts in a particular industry. Or they have specific recruiters who are dedicated to different industries. This means they know what skills are valuable to you and what the job market will be like for your company. Of course, they’ll want to get to know you and your company so they can understand what your needs are, but they already know what a fair salary is and what perks you might need to throw in to sweeten the deal.

They Have an Extended Network

Agencies know people! They have a huge network of candidates, sometimes in an advanced database with all kinds of metrics and sometimes just stored in their phones or Outlook address books. They can help connect you with the right talent pool, with skills and experiences that can help to power your business.

They Match You with Candidates

Often when you’re hiring, your only choices are the people who actually applied to the position. Not only can a staffing provider help you market that job opening, they can seek out qualified, skilled candidates on your behalf. This way, you can find the best possible candidates and not simply the people who apply.

They Have Skills and Expertise

Staffing agencies have more experience making hires. They can collaborate with you quickly to determine what your needs and means are. They’re interviewing experts, so they can screen candidates quickly. If a position is taking a particularly long time to fill, they can help you find a temporary employee so the rest of your staff isn’t burdened with a heavy workload in the meantime.

They Have Better Resources

This means they can move faster. Chances are you don’t have huge chunks of time to devote to scanning resumes, scheduling interviews, or attending job fairs.

Not only can a Denver staffing firm help prescreen and present qualified candidates to you, they have databases of qualified candidates, they can quickly match you with the best, most talented candidates so your job opening doesn’t have to remain open for long.

For more insight on how a staffing provider can help your small business with meet it’s hiring needs, contact PrideStaff Denver NW today.

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