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Companies are always looking to hire and, with unemployment rates continuing to decline, finding true talent is increasingly difficult.

Hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process and most companies report they’re rarely able to find candidates who satisfy all their requirements.

So, many busy companies across Denver are turning to staffing agencies to help hire the right people for their team. Here’s why you should partner with PrideStaff Denver Northwest to meet your next hiring needs.

PrideStaff Saves You Time, Cost, and Risk

Owner John Bohannon is dedicated to serving the clients and candidates he partners with. A local expert with knowledge of your unique market, he has already spent countless hours searching for and evaluating candidates.

At PrideStaff Denver Northwest, we’ll work with your company, so we can understand your needs and we know how to weed out the skills and traits that are best matched for you.

It’s hard to squeeze hiring tasks—interviewing, scanning resumes, checking references—into your already existing daily responsibilities. It’s hard to decide which is a greater priority, your hiring needs or your own job. But if you’re able to rely on PrideStaff, a team who’s completely dedicated to your search, you can focus on your own work while we find the right person for you.

We Have Access to a Wider Network

PrideStaff has a large network of talent that we built over the years.

In fact, we receive 100 to 150 resumes a week, even in this tight talent market, which allows us to be a talent resource for companies in the Denver area!

PrideStaff understands the industry you work in and we can find you a candidate you’ll never be able to find on your own. Not only will we get to know you, your company’s mission and values, and your staffing needs, we’ll also get to know the candidates as well as we can so that we’re only presenting the very best matches to you.

We Can Arrange Flexible Hiring Options

Sometimes, depending on your situation, there are other possibilities than just hiring full-time employees. PrideStaff can help you arrange other options, like temporary positions, contract positions, and temp-to-hire positions. This way, you fill your position as soon as possible, so the rest of your staff isn’t burdened trying to cover additional responsibilities. We have the ability to place candidates on temporary assignments, assess their skills and see how they work before placing them on a temporary to hire or direct hire placement.  Companies that hire directly, don’t have the ability to observe candidates working for an extended period of time before making the commitment to hire.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact our team today to learn about the benefits of partnering with PrideStaff Denver Northwest.

With a firm understanding of the local market, put your trust in our team to find you the ideal employee for your next available opportunity.

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