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You want to grow your business and add talent to your company.

But, how do you know the candidate sitting in front of you is a good fit for your company?

How do you know that they’re the right person for the future?

A bad hire can be toxic for your company morale and hiring a replacement can cost substantial time and money. Here’s how you can find the right candidate to grow your organization.

Find Out if They’re Adaptive

The work environment changes constantly. Sometimes the organizational structure might change—new responsibilities or new management. Or the economy shifts. You want to hire someone who can adapt to these changes—. Your ideal candidate can process it all and make necessary adjustments to maximize your organization’s bottom line.

Evaluate Their Questions

Always give the chance for your candidates to ask questions at the end of the interview. Do they seem naturally curious? Determine whether they’ve done their research on your company and whether they’re listening to you, processing your words, and assessing how the information you’re sharing with them might affect them in the role. Are they starting to plan? Are they focused on maximizing productivity?

Assess Their Cognitive Abilities

More advanced technology means abundant data and information that can easily overwhelm someone who doesn’t have the ability to quickly scan it, pick out the important details, and find patterns in disparate information. A good employee can find trends and strategize proactively.

Look for Team Players

Today’s business environment is more collaborative than it’s ever been. Look for people who can cooperate with other team members and use their skills to support team efforts. This means finding people with communication skills that are solid enough to effectively express their ideas and innovations that can progress your team into further productivity and efficiency.

Identify a Growth Mindset

Can they admit to mistakes? You want to hire employees who can take responsibility for mistakes, learn a lesson, and rebound. Resiliency and perseverance are great traits. Everyone will have a bad day or a failed project here and there, but their reaction is what’s important. If they hang their head and feel sorry for themselves, they aren’t likely to rebound with a big success. So ask about past mistakes at work and look for clues about how they reacted.

Ask About Hobbies and Past Times

You want to identify candidates who seek challenges in their spare time, people who are naturally curious and seem to enjoy learning. Look for candidates who have passions, who are eager and rapid learners, and who enjoy tackling new pursuits. Ask yourself if this is the kind of learner you’d want on your team, someone who you can trust with big responsibilities, to be accountable for their mistakes, and adapt to new challenges.

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