Interviewing in Denver

There are a lot of staffing agencies throughout Denver, and you need someone who understands your situation, respects your career ambitions.

First, you have to know your requirements yourself. Here are some prescreening questions you should ask when you’re choosing the best agency to help you with your career growth.

Prepare Yourself

You need to be honest and figure out a few things for yourself. Determine whether you want permanent job placement, a long-term assignment, or short-term employment. Some agencies specialize in one or the other, so make sure the one you partner with offers the type of placement you’re looking for.

Along with placement duration. Be sure to select a staffing provider that specializes in your area of expertise. While some staffing firms in Denver offer employment opportunities in a wide range of roles, others specialize in specific niches. You’ll want to be sure the team working with you on your career growth is an expert in your industry and able to help you find the perfect opportunity for your skills.

What’s Their Onboarding Process?

Some agencies have candidates complete skills or personality tests right away. When training and coaching begins, some companies provide that service in a face-to-face format while others do it online.

Be sure to ask about any other type of orientation and support you might receive to prepare you for your placement.

Do They Offer Good Pay and Benefits?

This question is a no-brainer. You want to get the maximum pay and benefits you can. And understand how the agency gets paid—by the client, not the candidates.

By partnering with a staffing agency, you won’t be asked to pay a premium for their services.

Staffing firms are in business to put great people in great roles and receive compensation from the client that they partner with.So, don’t be afraid of working with an employment firm in Denver or believe any preconceived notions that you’ll be billed for their services.

What’s Their Turnover Rate?

A staffing agency’s performance is very closely linked to the tenure of their recruiters and other staff. The best recruiters are the ones who’ve been around long enough to develop solid contacts and really get to know the specific industry they’re recruiting for.

Who Will my Main ContactBe?

You want to make sure that you have someone you can trust with honest questions or when you need advice.

When partnering with an employment firm, be sure to solidify a primary contact so you know who to bring any and all questions to should they arise.

How Qualified are Their Recruiters?

Is the organization you’re partnering with a Best of Staffing winner?

Have they maintained a core group of recruiters or staffing specialists for an extended period of time?

How are their online reviews?

Perform your due diligence when selecting an employment agency and, should red flags arise through online reviews or your screening process, be sure to ask about them.

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