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It’s not easy to manage an office, motivate people to work their hardest, and make sure they’re working as productively and efficiently as possible.

But, low productivity can’t always be blamed on the employee—it’s management’s job to set clear goals, create a positive work environment, and empower your employees with adequate training and resources. Here are three solutions to help maximize productivity and motivation as 2019 approaches.

Set Goals and Provide Feedback

Your employees can be more motivated if they know what they’re expected to achieve. Clearly state a goal or promote a company vision to provide guidance. Realistic, short-term goals help your employees manage their time and prioritize tasks as they aim for specific targets. Give feedback, acknowledge achievements no matter how small, and help them learn from their errors and failures.

Provide Training

In addition to your standard training that comes with onboarding, educate your employees with courses, seminars, workshops, and conferences so they can learn new skills and stay up to date in your industry.

Employees like to have the opportunity to enhance their skills and get additional learning opportunities that are sponsored by you. It makes them feel challenged, engaged and valued that you would spend money on them. Not only will these new skills make important contributions to your company, but your employees will also feel empowered to add the training to their resumes and advance their careers. But don’t fear that they’ll leave you—they’ll actually feel more loyal to your company because you were willing to invest in them. And, if you have the means, take it a step further and invest in activities that will enhance personal happiness and wellbeing, too. Think yoga or meditation classes, gym memberships, or social events.

Encourage, Motivate, Reward, and Recognize

Encouragement always helps your employees stay motivated to do better and even makes them feel happy. Make sure your employees enjoy their work. You want to let them know that they’re being supervised without being micromanaged. Communicate efficiently and effectively, minimize excessive meetings, and give your employees the tools and resources they need to be successful. Depending on your resources, you might be able to reward them with trips, gift cards, or conferences. Recognize efforts and hard work just as much as you might recognize met goals and achievements. Without any type of incentive or positivity, your employees will start looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

Foster Collaboration within the Team

Teamwork almost always helps increase productivity because there are more ideas and minds at work. Moreover, workers who work with others are generally happier and more engaged. Working together brings out the best in employees who might even compete with each other to make sure the best, most innovative ideas rise to the top. Encourage your employees to give their input and suggestions and make sure those opinions are listened to and validated.

For more tips on how to make sure your team is fully engaged and motivated, contact PrideStaff Denver Northwest today.

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