Setting goals for a team of people is no easy feat.

You need to make sure they’re challenging, yet attainable. But, if everyone doesn’t buy-in, the goals are worthless. And without a plan that everyone agrees upon, the goals will never be reached either. But if you are successful at setting attainable, measurable goals, your whole team will be motivated for success, engaged in their work, and will make those important contributions for your company.

Here’s your guide to setting measurable goals in 2019, including how to make sure your whole team buys in.

Know What You Want to Achieve

Before you sit down to meet with your team, think about where your team needs to be by the end of 2019. Instead of shooting for an unreachable goal, think about 2018 metrics and increase your 2019 goals by a sizeable, yet manageable, percentage.

What contributions do you need to make to the whole company? What do you need to do to achieve sustainable growth?

Set Team Goals

Next, you need to set your goals.

They need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-related, which means they need to have a deadline.

If they’re not specific or measurable, you risk veering off course and not being able to tell whether you’re on track. If they’re not relevant or attainable, you’ll have trouble getting employee buy-in. No one wants to set out to achieve goals that are useless or impossible. And a deadline helps you determined whether you’ve succeeded…. or failed and need to reset your goals.

Encourage Individuals to Set Their Own Goals

Research shows that when individuals identify and write down their goals, they’re 80% more likely to achieve them. Your employees should set their own goals that support the team’s goals. When they choose their goals, instead of being assigned them, they’ll be able to pick more meaningful ones and ones that they’ll enjoy setting out to accomplish.

Set Benchmarks

Deadlines and benchmarks keep the team accountable. Without a firm deadline, you can keep pushing it back and it’ll never end up being achieved. People read “no deadline” as “not important” and they won’t take it seriously.

Track Progress

Since your goals are measurable, you can track your progress and see how close you are. Celebrate successes and milestones to keep your team motivated and focused! Use an online program or database that any employee can check at any time.

Help Individuals

No matter what, you’ll have individual employees who hit roadblocks or setbacks on their way to achieving their goals. And that’s when it’s your job to step in and empower them with any materials, resources, or support they’ll need to reach their goals. Meet regularly with employees to see how things are going and be accessible for questions and advice. Be encouraging as you provide praise and positive as you offer feedback and suggestions for improvement. The more supported they feel, the more confident and engaged they’ll feel.

Growing Your Workforce in 2019?

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