Asking for a Raise at Work

So, you want a raise.

You might have a very deliberate need for a little extra money—your child’s tuition, a new house, or some unexpected medical expenses.

Or you might just think that you deserve a little extra money based on your work ethic and responsibilities from 2018. You’ve put in your time and you’ve earned it.

Regardless of your reason, more money in your weekly paycheck never hurts. But, asking can be intimidating and there’s always a chance upper management might say no.

Five Reasons Why You Should Ask Your Boss for a Raise

Get Feedback

One of the best reasons to ask for a raise is to get a clear understanding of where you stand in your boss’s viewpoint. It’s a good chance for them to give you some constructive criticism and some valuable praise. You’ll know for sure what you need to do to improve and you’ll know what you’re doing right that they truly appreciate. Open lines of communication are always crucial between employees and managers, so you might as well be honest and upfront.

Earn Respect

Asking for a raise is also a great chance to control your image and improve your standing—especially if you performed poorly in the past. This is your time to show initiative and take ownership of your career. You can apologize, if necessary, explain yourself and open a dialogue for more feedback.

Show Commitment

You can show upper management that you’re interested in your company long-term by asking for a raise. Emphasize your desire to develop your skills and improve your performance. Again, show that you’re proactive and committed to finding ways to add value to your company.

Get Credit

Another benefit to asking for a raise is that it gives you the opportunity to let upper management truly see the accomplishments you made in the previous year. Modestly, of course. There are probably projects you’ve contributed to and tasks you perform regularly that go slightly unnoticed. When you sit down to ask for a raise, prepare a list of accomplishments and ways that you add value to the organization. It never hurts to remind your superiors how hard you are working!

Put Yourself Out There

Okay, let’s say the worst-case scenario is that you don’t get that raise. And there are lots of valid reasons for that—it’s not in the budget, you don’t quite have enough experience, or you’re missing one little qualification. Fine, it’s not ideal, but you can accept that. And if you don’t get it, you’ve at least set the stage for a raise or promotion next time. You’ve been proactive showing that you’re hard-working, committed, and ambitious. You’re eager to do what it takes to help the company, and your bosses will pay extra for someone who’s passionate.

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