Employee Motivation Strategies

Employee motivation can be tricky.

There’s no one fix that works for employees and not all fixes are feasible for every company. Regardless, when your employees lose sight of what drives them, or worse, when they become unhappy with their professional situation, you need to step in and incorporate these tips to keep them engaged.

Six Ways to Keep Your Employees Satisfied and Motivated

Offer a Salary Increase

If your employees have consistently worked hard and are making valuable contributions to your company, a bump in salary is the simplest and most straightforward way to reward your employees and keep them engaged. They’ll be reassured that their efforts are being recognized and appreciated and motivated to continue putting forth their best effort.

Incentivize Regularly

But salary bumps aren’t something that every company can easily do. So, instead, find other quick and easy perks and bonuses that you can celebrate with. Try vacation days, small gifts, catered lunches, team happy hours, or an actual vacation. Make the incentive match the size of the accomplishment and try to make the reward as immediate as possible.

Express Gratitude

Let your employees know that you’re grateful through praise and rewards. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your team after they’ve performed well so you can validate their performance. These individual meetings help you establish a better connection with your employees and give you the chance to hear feedback, insight, and concerns and have a pulse on what’s going on in the company. When your employees feel like their efforts are appreciated, they’re more likely to repeat their performance and stay loyal to the company. You can also thank them more publicly in a larger team meeting or on social media.

Offer Free Food

If you can afford it, reward your employees with a catered lunch, some donuts, and coffee, or some other free sustenance that will keep them alert throughout the day. The extra calories will boost their energy and brainpower so they can focus on their work. They’ll also appreciate the fact that you’re taking care of their needs and helping them save a little money on the side.

Create Learning Opportunities

Your employees want to feel challenged, stimulated, and like there’s room for career advancement at your company. Give them opportunities for growth, like seminars, workshops, or other types of skills training. If you make it a privilege for your top performers, your employees will scramble to try and earn the chance to develop their skills and move their careers forward. Not to mention the new skills they learn will certainly benefit your company.

Encourage Teamwork

One of the best ways of keeping an individual focused, engaged, and accountable is by belonging to a team. They learn to trust each other and work for a purpose that’s bigger than their own individual needs. Plus, a little healthy competition can boost creativity, productivity, and innovation.

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