Workplace Clothes for New Job

Your first day at a new job can be stressful. There are new people to meet, names to remember, new software to learn, new hallways and offices to navigate. And, on top of everything, you also must worry about making a good first impression.

Eye contact, firm handshakes, and positive, upbeat body language.

But there’s one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about—your outfit. Here’s what not to wear on your first day of work.

Don’t Dress Unprofessionally

Do some research to figure out what people generally wear at your company. You don’t want to feel overdressed or unprofessional in your outfit choice. If appropriate, consider wearing the outfit you interviewed in on your first day. Stay away from shiny fabrics, bold and bright or outlandish patterns. You want to appear confident and showcase your personality, but you don’t want anything too crazy that your coworkers will see as a negative first impression.

If you wear a suit, invest a little extra money to have it tailored to fit. It makes a big difference in your overall appearance.

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Don’t Wear Something Uncomfortable

Though you probably shouldn’t wear sweatpants—see note above about professionalism—you do want to make sure you’re dressed comfortably.

And shoes! Again, comfort is key. You’ll probably be on your feet quite a bit on that first day, taking a tour and shaking hands. You might even be asked to stay late to finish paperwork or someone might ask you to happy hour after work, lengthening the amount of time you’re in those shoes, so make sure they’re practical, yet professional.

Don’t Forget Pockets

If there’s one thing childhood has taught us, it’s that pockets are extremely valuable. Though you’re probably no longer carrying around rocks, Legos, and half-eaten candy, there’s still a need for pockets on your first day of work.

You’ll probably be given a set of keys, maybe an ID badge, a small collection of business cards, and other important materials as you’re led around the office on that first day. Eventually, you’ll figure out a system of keeping it all handy and secure but, until then, you’ll probably be relying on those trusty pockets.

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