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Employee absenteeism can be incredibly damaging to the workplace.

It’s hard to rely on collaboration when key members of your team are regularly missing work. This might mean that deadlines are being missed, goals are being neglected, and productivity is waning.

While there might be valid reasons for absenteeism that are out of your control—illness or a sick family member, the responsibility of encouraging attendance falls on you.

Four Ways to Influence Attendance in the Workplace

Have a Formal Attendance Policy

You can’t enforce attendance unless you define it first.

Put the definition and guidelines in your employee handbook and go over it as part of your new employee orientation program. Make a distinction between being tardy and being absent. How late must you be to be considered late? And how many late starts are acceptable in how short a time period? Draw out similar guidelines for absences. Then make sure records are being documented so when it comes time for employee review, you have data to fall back on.

Set Clear Expectations

List the procedures for who and how to notify those in charge when your employees know they’re going to be late or absent.

Make it clear how many absences and late arrivals they’re allowed to have before it’s deemed unacceptable. There should be consequences for excessive absenteeism, and you need to be upfront and transparent about what those are.

Reward Good Attendance

You might also incentivize good attendance by rewarding employees who have no unplanned absences in a certain amount of time. It might be a cash bonus, a small gift, or even a gift card to a local coffee shop.

Also, if you’re able to provide adequate time off, then employees will have the option of planning ahead for absences or using up a certain number of predetermined hours.

These rewards can help establish a positive company culture, which can limit those absences that might result from a dysfunctional work environment.

Provide Employee Support

As mentioned above, sometimes the reasons for excessive absenteeism are very valid and unavoidable—a family member is ill, or another life challenge pops up for them.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can help employees get through those trying times and make them feel that their employers care about them as individuals and value the contributions they make to the company. You might offer services that guide them through personal or financial issues so they can get back on track and return to work.

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