When is the best time to quit a job?

Deciding to leave a job is never easy!

It’s scary, especially if you don’t know what you’re going to do next. But you must recognize when the time is right otherwise you risk the chance of losing passion, becoming disengaged, or losing momentum in your career trajectory.

Here are some guidelines about when the right time might be to leave a job.

You Hate Your Job

If you absolutely hate your job and sit at your desk counting the seconds until you leave, you should absolutely start looking for a new job. Eventually, that dread and resentment will start affecting other aspects of your life, including your physical health and your social life. Your friends and family won’t want to spend time with you if all you do is complain about your job and your performance at work will be much lower than your true capabilities.

You’re Stalling

If you spend too much time procrastinating than being productive at work, then it might be time to leave that job. At some point, that situation isn’t beneficial to anyone —you’re not contributing to your company nor are you developing your skills.

It’s Making You Sick

Over time, stress and unhappiness can have a negative effect on your health. They might cause you to sleep less, drink more, eat poorly, or get very little time for rest and relaxation. Soon your immune system will be compromised, and your sick days will start adding up until you’re of little value to your company. And no job is worth sacrificing your health!

There’s No Room for Advancement

Sometimes you just must read the writing on the wall and recognize when your company doesn’t offer many opportunities for growth.

Either you’re overqualified and doing work that’s beneath your skills or you can see that you won’t be able to advance your career at your current company. You want a job that’s stimulating, offering new challenges and motivating you to keep improving. Once you realize that you can’t grow or be promoted, it’s hard to stay engaged, waking up each morning prepared to commit your very best to each task.

The Environment is Negative

Nothing can demotivate you like a toxic work environment. Complaining and pessimistic attitudes are contagious, and they can destroy the passion you once had for your career.

Wait Until You Have Another Job Lined Up

There are some good reasons to wait until you’ve found a new job before you leave your old one.

You might have a better chance of being hired while you’re still employed because you seem more dependable and less fallible. Plus, employers prefer candidates who are employed but applying to their company because it shows an excitement level about the possibility of working there instead of working for their current employer.

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