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So, your big idea was rejected, huh?

Well, you can’t win them all, but it doesn’t mean that you must quit altogether!

Instead of sulking in your emotions or giving up, you can start by going back for more feedback. Figure out what made them say no and adjust your focus until you come up with an idea that works.

Five Tips for Restarting When Your Big Idea Gets Shut Down

Nurse Your Wounds

You were so optimistic! Certain this was a great idea that would revolutionize your workplace and…unfortunately…no one liked it. But don’t let that hurt your confidence! It doesn’t mean they don’t like you or don’t trust you or don’t value your efforts. Take some time to calm down—a few days or weeks—and then focus on moving forward. During your time, reflect on why they might have said no.

Consider Your Timing

Think about when you pitched the idea. Was it in the middle of a big meeting? Was your boss headed out the door, ready to call it quits for the day? Did your company have bigger fish to fry at that particular moment—perhaps a low-profit period or a restructuring? It’s quite possible that you simply pitched the idea at the wrong time. The decision makers were distracted with a bigger issue and couldn’t quite give your idea the attention it deserves, but they might be more open to it in a few days or weeks.

Learn from the Criticism

Make the criticism you received constructive. If they gave you a reason or two “why not,” turn those reasons into questions to make your restart better. If they mention that your idea wasn’t quite aligned with the team’s goals, figure out how to come up with a new idea that is.

Keep Trying

Again, don’t assume that your idea is totally dead. Instead, just assume that it needs tweaking. Ask for more feedback. Let your manager know that if it’s truly a bad idea, you’ll drop it and start working on something else. But if you were on the right track, just missing some important piece, make some revisions and pitch it again. Ask the decision makers for specific feedback to figure out how to improve your efforts. Show them that you’re trying and that you’re resilient. Just because your first idea didn’t succeed doesn’t mean that all your ideas are worthless. Employers like to see that you can overcome setbacks and still find success.

Refocus Your Efforts

If your original idea still isn’t getting any traction, start over. Reexamine your company’s long-term goals and think about what they’re trying to accomplish. How can you help them get to that point? Come up with a short-term idea that aligns with those goals and try again.

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