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Whether you’re a kid counting the days until summer vacation or an adult just yearning for warmer weather and some outdoor time, summer is an exciting time of year!

There are barbecues and patio happy hours, beach trips and campouts, backyard games, and long afternoons to be spent by the pool. But as a manager, it can be a tricky time of year. How can you keep your team engaged when they’re dreaming of escaping to the outdoors and celebrating the warm weather?

Five Ways to Keep Your Staff Focused When the Seasons Change and Summer Heats Up

Host Something Fun

If you can’t beat them, join them!

Warm weather is worth celebrating, so you might as well celebrate with your coworkers, the people you spend most of your waking hours with. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but invite them over for a potluck or a cookout and ask them to bring their families. It’s a great way to rest and recharge, boost their morale, and facilitate team bonding.

Reward Them with a Cold Treat

An ice cream treat doesn’t have to be a reward for good performance or anything special. It’s a great way to make them smile and not resent being at work when the weather is so nice out. Instead, they’ll feel appreciated and valued, which will make them want to work harder for you. And for the health-conscious in your crowd, you can bring some frozen yogurt, fruit juice pops, or smoothies. There’s something cold for everyone!

Offer Some Flex-Scheduling

Give your team something to look forward to about coming to work in the summertime. It might mean leaving an hour early a few times a week, having the flexibility to work from home when they need to or choose their own hours. This is particularly useful if you have employees who have kids who are home from school for the summer. They’ll appreciate being able to spend a little more time with their families and not having to stress out as much about childcare.

Do Something Outside

A little vitamin D can go a long way in terms of reducing anxiety and depression, boosting alertness, and improving the immune system, so invite your employees to have an outdoor meeting. This works particularly well in the morning before the sun gets too hot. Or sponsor an outdoor activity, a canoe trip, a quick hike, or a picnic. It’s a good way to improve teamwork and bonding.

Set Summertime Goals

Some fresh new goals will certainly keep everyone motivated throughout the summer. Make the deadline for the goals at the end of the summer, to really keep everyone moving forward and incentivize them with a special reward or bonus if they reach the goals. It keeps work from getting stale and energizes your team for those hot, lazy months.

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