Reaching Goals Efficiently

Goal setting is a critical part of running a business.

Without goals and objectives, it’s hard to know whether you’re moving in the right direction or just floundering aimlessly.

By setting goals, and keeping them in your focus, you’ll be able to make a plan for getting there and you’ll be much more likely to achieve success.

Three Ways to Reach Your Company Goals More Efficiently

Clearly Define Success

Without a clear vision of success, you’ll never know if you’ve reached your goal or even if you’re making progress. And be specific. If you’re looking to increase revenues, aim for a certain amount. By what percent are you going to do it? By 50%? Or by 100%? There’s a huge difference! Once you’ve set those goals, own them. They’re a direct result of your team’s efforts and energy and without their buy-in, true progress will never happen.

Break Down Your Goals

Aim high with big, bold goals, but start low, with small, manageable steps that are achievable within a few weeks. In other words, break down those long-term goals into short-term steps. Figure out what you can accomplish in the next four to six weeks, then the next four to six weeks after that and so on. Or break it down into small, individual tasks that are clearly defined by one action. This way, you can celebrate your successes and keep your momentum going strong. Though big picture thinking is an effective way to stay motivated and focused, these baby steps will help you make progress and have small, accomplishments along the way.

Track Your Progress

There’s nothing more motivating than knowing you’re on the right track. Make sure your smaller goals are measurable so you can keep track of your progress and share those accomplishments with the rest of the team. Even when you hit a setback or a frustrating set of circumstances, it’s empowering to know that progress is being made and to know that you’re getting closer. Those imperfections are a lot easier to accept when you realize how far you’ve come. And be willing to be flexible. If you hit a major obstacle, you might have to adjust your goals—it’s not giving up, it’s just being realistic.

By following these powerful goal-setting tips, you can break down your long-term goals and take baby steps each day to get closer and closer to success. Celebrate all those little successes along the way to keep up morale and momentum. The celebrations are refreshing and reenergizing and keep you on track.

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