Too many people settle for the notion that work is simply something to be endured, that we wake up grumpy on Monday morning and spend the rest of the week counting the minutes until Friday afternoon. But people who are happy at work perform better, form better relationships with their coworkers, and take more pride in their work. In other words, when people are excited about their jobs, they put in more time and energy. And you can get there, too. Here’s how you can align your day to day and make sure your job brings you personal enjoyment. 


Reasons to be happy at work


The list goes on and on. People who are happier at work tend to be healthier, more creative and more effective at problem solving. They’re more productive, innovative and their careers advance more rapidly than people who are unhappy at work. Their happiness also leads them to be more committed to their job and take on responsibilities outside their job descriptions. They’re also less stressed, more loyal to their company and rebound from professional setbacks faster.  


Take ownership of your day to day


If you’re not feeling happy at work or satisfied with your current job, sit down with your boss and explain your situation. Tell them how you’re feeling, what you need to be happy awork and how they can work with you to achieve that. A good boss will prioritize their employees’ happiness knowing it will yield more productive employees.  


A sense of purpose


Whether you need to feel like you’re making a difference in the world or just contributing to your company’s mission, it’s hard to get fired up for your daily responsibilities if they don’t mean anything. Connect what you do every day to how you’re helping others—are you making your coworkers’ jobs easier? Are you advancing an environmental or social justice cause? When you care about something and see how you can make a difference, you’re more likely to buy in and find more enjoyment in it.  


Accomplishment and positive reinforcement


If you want to feel a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis, set benchmarks and goals for yourself each day or each week. You’ll see that you’re making progress toward something larger and grow more confident with each success. Some bosses just aren’t great at communication and positive feedback, so ask for it.  


Likable co-workers


You don’t have to be best friends with your coworkers, but it does help if you enjoy being around them and have a decent relationship with them. Talk about your shared interests and ask personal questions to try to get to know them. And if there is someone you interact with that you really can’t stand, talk to your manager or someone in HR. If it’s a genuinely bad situation, they might be able to move people around.  


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