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For better or worse, your attitude as a leader is contagious.

Your attitude can either empower and inspire your team and lead them to success or it can cripple them with fear and indecisiveness. The attitude you portray to your team—even unintentionally—is what they will replicate and be guided by each day. And just because you’re accomplishing tasks and reaching your goals doesn’t always mean you’re a great leader

Five Subtle Attitude Adjustments with Massive Impact

Understand Your Impact

You need to understand your impact on yourself and your impact on other people. Your attitude can either power you through to success or it can limit your potential by paralyzing you with pessimism. And it will do the same for your team. This might come out as jealousy, passivity, comparison, fear of failure and risk, control, manipulation, and blame-shifting. And your employees can sense these attitudes. Not only will they avoid being around you, but your pain and fear will pass to them.

Stay Positive

Leaders must be optimistic and passionate. Their energy and enthusiasm transfers to all those around them, inspiring them to achieve greatness. They see opportunities and possibility in every situation, even the setbacks. They see potential in all of their employees, even the ones who are struggling the most. The best leaders are focused and driven and wake up with goals and plans for the day—they accomplish five to ten times what the average person does.

Focus on the Future

Leaders think about where they’re going, they don’t dwell on the problems of the past. They’re thinking about the long-term and imagining what additional knowledge, skills, and leadership qualities they need to develop in order to achieve their goals. They live as if there are no obstacles ahead of them—they’ll get where they’re going no matter what.

Put Others First

You’re there to help your employees achieve their goals not to have them serve you. Serve first. You see what tools and resources and training your team needs and you make sure they get it. A committed leader wants to see their employees succeed and in return earns loyalty from them.

Take in Other People

As a leader, you must respect the influence of those around you. Whose great examples can you learn from? Admit that you’re still growing and improving and that just as much as your employees do, you also need teaching, training, coaching, and mentoring. Seek out those opportunities. Your humility and willingness to learn will be refreshing and comforting.

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