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A lot of people say that Fridays at work are worthless. People leave early to head to happy hour or to leave town for a long weekend at the beach. And although it’s probably true that Friday afternoon meetings are a waste of everyone’s time, Fridays themselves can be pretty significant as you set yourself up for success for the week ahead. Here’s how you use Fridays to plan for productive and efficient Mondays.

Schedule Tangible Work

You should plan on completing tasks that have tangible results on Mondays. Finishing a to-do list, or at least making significant headway on it, the list can do a lot for your soul. The sensation of feeling productive can further motivate you, make you feel more confident, and set the tone for the rest of the week.

Fight Distractions

It’s easy to lose focus and get distracted on Fridays. All your coworkers are lingering around counting the minutes until closing time and talking about their weekend plans. And you’re probably thinking about your weekend, too. Understandable, but if you want to make your life easier on Monday, stay focused and get as much work done as you can on Friday. And if you supervise other employees or rely on them for collaboration, try to keep them focused, too. Remind them how much nicer Sunday night and Monday morning will be if they can take care of the tasks in front of them right now.

Take Care of Those Looming Tasks

Admittedly, sometimes there are emails you need to reply to that you might want to think about over the weekend. But otherwise, take care of those complicated, challenging tasks before you leave work on Friday, so you don’t have to face them on Monday. Otherwise, you’re thinking about them all weekend long

Plan to Get Out of Bed

Okay, this one can’t be done on Friday afternoon, but it’s still pretty impactful. Even if you’re not an early riser, it helps if you can pop out of bed a few minutes earlier than usual on Monday morning. If you oversleep or get up right on time, you might feel like you’re playing catch-up for the rest of the day. But if you set your alarm an hour earlier, you’ll have extra time to get a jump-start on the day. It might mean squeezing in a quick workout or meditation, journaling, or just making a list of goals for the week.

Stay Positive

Don’t make Fridays a drag, though. You don’t have to kill yourself or stress yourself out in the name of productivity and planning. Just consider everything you accomplish on Friday to be a win for Monday.

Set Your Week Up for Success 

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