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There comes a point in the lifecycle of every job when you wonder whether you’ve been there too long. You’ve become more adept at your job, and in fact, you’ve almost mastered your daily tasks. Things aren’t hard anymore. But you haven’t been promoted, and you’ve seen other coworkers pass you by. Are you getting bored? Are you starting to wonder if there’s room for you to advance? Is it time to move on to a new company? Here’s how to determine whether you should leave a secure job if you’re starting to feel unchallenged.

You’re Complacent

If you’re not learning anymore, if you’re getting bored, or if you don’t even feel like you need to challenge yourself anymore to get your work done, then you’ve reached a level of complacency. Or if politics at your company are getting in the way of your actual work. If you’ve been at your company for three to four years and haven’t seen any raise, bonus, or promotion, and there’s nothing in sight, then chances are, it might be time to leave. Why waste your time at a company if it’s not your dream job?

Taking a Leap is Risky

But keep in mind that if you leave one job and take a new one, you’re starting from scratch. You’re at the bottom of the totem pole. Even if you’re in a leadership position, you still need to prove yourself to all your peers, managers, and subordinates. You’ll probably have to work long hours—at least at the beginning—to earn the respect and admiration of your team. And that’s all fine if that new challenge is what you’re looking for. But otherwise…

Secure Means Opportunity

If you decide to stay with your secure job, despite your boredom, then you can look forward to many more years of going through the motions to complete your tasks and achieve your goals, which might be an excellent opportunity for you. If you’re not feeling challenged, and work is a breeze for you, find challenges elsewhere. See what you can do on the side—start a business, seek more professional development, or pursue an extracurricular hobby. You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in the time you have left in the day.

Check the health of your company

If the financials of your company are a little shaky, then you might consider that as you weigh your decision. After all, you don’t want to latch onto a sinking ship. A failing company might be more incentive to leave. But a thriving, growing company might offer a chance to take on new responsibilities and a better role. If that’s the case, keep working hard and proving yourself and then ask for that promotion. If they promise you something in the future, but nothing matures out of that, take that as your exit cue.

Advance Your Career

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