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If you’re starting to feel that it’s time for a promotion, you need to do more than simply ask for it. You need to demonstrate that you’re ready for one! You need to work smart, show initiative, offer solutions, work hard, and dress the part. If you ask but haven’t done anything to show that you can handle more responsibility and have barely proven that you can meet existing expectations, you probably won’t get much of a response.

Six Keys to Showing Your Boss You’re Ready to Take on New Responsibilities

Set Reasonable Expectations

Focus on your existing expectations and duties first and make sure you’re doing what you need to. Remember that you are a part of a team and the company’s goals should come before your own career goals.

Work Smart

Prioritize your to-do list and rank the items in order of importance. Be able to distinguish between those tasks that are urgent and those that are important. You need to be working on the right things and cultivating the right relationships. It’s better to do five things well and promote your accomplishments than try to do twenty-five different things. Automate your reminders so you don’t lose track of things and don’t hesitate to ask for help and delegate some of your tasks.

Show Initiative

Once you’ve mastered your current role, that’s when you can start taking initiative. Present a new idea to your boss and offer to help on different projects, maybe even crossing over to other departments. But be prepared to deliver! Remember that your focus should be expanding your job and helping your team.

Offer Solutions

One of the easiest ways to show initiative is to come up with solutions when there’s a challenging situation to overcome. In fact, even if there aren’t problems, but you have an innovative idea that might improve productivity or envision a new procedure that might save the company money, let your manager know. They love to see that you’re thinking critically and prioritizing the health of the company.

Dress for Success

Your appearance should reflect your level of professionalism, so make sure you look the part. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on clothes, haircuts, and accessories, but you should be neatly dressed and groomed, wearing clothes that fit, and matching the level of formality in your company culture.

Make a Plan

It’s hard to get anywhere without a road map. Once you’re starting to get noticed as an over-achiever and a hard worker, sit down with your boss to hash out a long-term professional development plan for yourself. Ask for guidance and support.

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