How Can You Help a Shy Employee Become More Confident?

Some of your employees probably exude confidence. They take on new projects and responsibilities with ease and even eagerness. They excel in almost everything they do and when they don’t, they rebound quickly. Then you have those timid employees who, even though they may have the skills, doubt their abilities and hesitate to take on bigger challenges.

Seven Ways to Help a Shy Employee Become More Confident

Identify the Strengths

Every employee has strengths, so figure out how your shy employee can best add value to your team. Have these employees focus on their strengths and match them up with tasks that capitalize on their best skills and talents.

Build Off Other Accomplishments

Look back at the employee’s prior successes and accomplishments and help figure out which of their skills are transferrable to future projects. Show them how they’re already prepared to push themselves into new responsibilities and tasks.

Improve on Weaknesses

Once you’ve built some momentum and confidence, start zeroing in on their weaknesses, but from a standpoint that you want to help them work on them. Whether it’s a soft skill, like time management or written communication, or a hard skill directly related to your industry, you can help them by providing regular feedback, finding appropriate training programs, or matching them with a mentor.

Offer Feedback

Meet with your developing employee regularly and offer feedback for jobs well done and successfully accomplished tasks. Your positive feedback can motivate your employees and build their confidence while more constructive criticism can help them self-evaluate and strive for better performance. Just be careful and gentle with the negative feedback so you don’t hurt their overall morale.

Provide Parameters

When you do finally give your employee some new challenges, make sure you give them very clear parameters and more details than you would a more confident or experienced employee. That way, they’ll feel extra prepared and more likely to succeed with a little extra guidance.

Assign a Mentor

A mentor can be helpful to an unconfident employee, especially if you can pair them with someone who’s experienced yet nurturing. Just make sure the mentor has time to meet with them regularly, so they don’t feel like they’re getting slighted, which has potential to impact their confidence even more.

Acknowledge Successes

And finally, make sure you celebrate any successes this developing employee has. And even if they fail, acknowledge and praise their effort. Let your employee know that you appreciate their hard work and the contributions they make to your company.

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