By now, we all know that it’s customary for job candidates to follow up with the hiring manager after job interviews. A thank you note is the first step and should be sent within 24 hours to each person who sat in and interviewed you. Email or handwritten card? Both are totally fine and appropriate! But what happens after that? And when? How frequently can you call to check in and ask if they’ve made a decision yet?

Five Tips On Interview Follow-Up 

A few days after they said 

They always tell you that you’ll hear from them by a certain date—and if you’re not used to hearing that, be sure to ask at the end of your next interview. And the reality is that you probably won’t hear by that date. Their process will take longer than they thought it would or a few more applications will trickle in, or a manager will have to head out of town and delay the whole decision. So wait a few days after they told you to check in and then call or email to inquire.   

The next time 

If they replied to you that they’re still interviewing and should make a final decision by a certain date, you could check in again on that date. At that point, try to gauge their enthusiasm for you. Does it seem like they’re brushing you off? Or does it seem like they’re encouraging you to keep checking because soon they might have good news for you? 

If they’re interested in you 

Once you assess their interest in you, only check in again if they seem like they like you. If you feel like your phone calls and emails are pestering them, then let this opportunity go and stop calling. There’s a fine line between enthusiasm and aggression. Plus, seeming desperate never looks good on anyone. Be courteous, respectful, and a team player.  

If it’s still open 

If it’s been weeks and months and the job is still open, and they seem interested in you, you can send a few more emails. Just spread them out and be cool and casual about it. You might include a link to an article that’s relevant to your industry or mention an award or success you’ve had at work. Just toot your own horn once or twice and move on. 

One last time 

Finally, if you didn’t get the job, you should still contact them once more to thank them for their time and consideration. They might not have wanted to bring you on for this job specifically, but if you stay in the forefront of their minds, they might bring you in to interview for a position in the future. Maybe you’re right for the company, just not that first role.  

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