The start of a new year is a great time to rethink everything. Start a new diet, set new fitness goals, or pick a new hobby. And perhaps most importantly, focus on your career. Whether you want to find a new job, advance your career, or just get better at the job you have, 2020 is your chance for big accomplishments! Here’s how you can make the coming year a guaranteed success. 

Own Your Career

It’s yours, so stop blaming others right now. It’s easy to dwell on office politics or how your boss doesn’t like you, but the truth is that you’re responsible for your career and what you want to achieve. Set goals. Make a plan about how you’re going to get from here to there. Be specific. Then, start pursuing those goals. What classes can you take? How can you enhance your resume?

Value Your Other Stakeholders

Yes, your manager is important. You want to stay in good standing with them, but consider the other people who impact your career. Get to know your coworkers, your manager’s boss, and key figures in HR and IT. Good relationships with other stakeholders in your company will benefit your career and help you work more efficiently. Seek advice and guidance from those around you. If you can, choose a mentor and ask them to help direct your success.

Do More

Even if you have a very detailed job description that practically tells you just what to do at any given moment of the day, do more. Be a problem solver and step up to the challenges around you that no one else wants to face. By going above and beyond, you’ll add value to your company and you’ll quickly be considered for promotions and raises.

Reinvent Yourself

Use the New Year as an opportunity to start over and set new goals. Who do you want to be? Do you want a new job at a different company? At your existing company? Or do you want to keep your job, just to do it better? Establish yourself and get noticed as a high performer.

Keep Networking

A solid network of relevant people will help you no matter what your career goals are—you can’t do it alone. But don’t just collect business cards and phone numbers. Take the time and effort to nurture those relationships, too. Use your network to pick a mentor, chase job leads, seek advice, or just keep as friends for that inevitable time when you’ll one day be looking for a new job.


Communication is an art and an incredibly valuable skill, not just in your professional world, but personal life as well. Start to become mindful of how you express yourself and how you convey information. Be comfortable speaking in public, composing emails, and chatting on the phone. If you’re not, take a course to help you with that.

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