Applying for a Job in Denver Colorado

The job market is tight! You’ll have to do whatever it takes to set yourself apart from the competition. Get creative, demonstrate your energy and initiative, and show them that you really want the job. Go beyond your resume and cover letter! If you go the extra mile in the hiring process, hiring managers will assume you’re going to go the extra mile once they hire you as well. Here’s how to stand out from the dozens of applicants applying for the same job.

Add a Personal Touch 

Do something personal that leaves a lasting impression. Of course, you’ll want to send a thank-you note—either handwritten or an email—that reiterates your sincere interest in the position and the skills that qualify you for the job. You might even connect with an insider in the company who can help nudge your resume along or vouch for you. A personal reference almost always gets you further than simply sending a resume or cover letter.

Do Your Research

Show that you’ve done some research on the company—real research that demonstrates that you’re willing to go the extra mile to prepare for this role. You could reference their annual report, some relevant current events, or keywords that you find sprinkled throughout their website. 

Think Ahead to the Job

One of the best ways to prove that you’re a good match for the job is to actually start doing the job. Examine the job description and layout some thoughtful, insightful ideas and what you’d need from the company to accomplish the goals. In other words, show that you’re really considering what it would take to perform the responsibilities of the given job and that you’re ready to start tomorrow. 

Be Resilient

One of the most valuable soft skills in any industry is resilience. You need to be adaptable in today’s workplace. Technology means that things change rapidly, so show that you can survive and thrive in such a climate. Think about what stories you can tell about past experiences to prove that you can deal with change 

Show Off Your Failures

In other words, demonstrate your growth mindset. Show your future employers that you’ve failed and struggled before, but that you’re committed to improvement. You can learn from those mistakes and those lessons have helped you transform into the qualified and experienced candidate you are today. You love to learn and you’re not afraid to pursue additional education to develop new skills and tackle new challenges.

Make a Portfolio

Bring samples of your past work or work that’s relevant to the position you’re interviewing for. It might mean generating some imaginary work that showcases your hard skills. Or it might include examples of how you added value to your previous employer. 

Looking to Make the Next Step in Your Career?

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