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The competition for top talent among staffing companies in Denver is substantial. You must write a job listing that will attract top candidates. Here are ideas to help you get started in the right direction, starting with the job title.

Job Title

To attract top talent with your listing, begin with a title that will attract them. Take a close look at job listings these days, and you will see numerous unusual job titles. Rockstar, job ninja, and guru are now standard. People will click on these job titles out of pure interest alone.

However, most job candidates find jobs via search engines. With this in mind, a boring job title such as HR manager is much easier to find than a quirky job title. Aim to be as clear and succinct as possible when writing your job title.

Write the Description Carefully

Your ad must stand out from the crowd. Proper grammar and syntax are essential, as is avoiding long text passages. The language you use will tell a potential candidate much about your company, so consider your wording carefully. Job seekers tend to respond to visually appealing ads, so consider including images to boost your traffic.

Make it Pleasant to Read

Avoid impersonal and detached language because nobody wants to work for a comatose company. Try to make your job descriptions fun and engaging, as it will make your description stand out. Read the description and consider if it is a position for which you would apply. The best job descriptions provide extensive information in an engaging language.

Mention the Salary

If you want to attract top talent with your job listing, mention the salary. Company culture and job perks descriptions are attractive, but money gets everyone’s attention. By listing the salary, you will attract more applicants, and they will be aware of the wages on the front end. By not listing the salary, a candidate may think you are looking for top talent but not willing to pay well for it. Because salary is a prime reason people change jobs, listing a salary will motivate a candidate to want to work for you.

Mobile Friendly

A recent survey implies that 9 out of 10 job seekers search for jobs via a mobile device. You must optimize your job listing for mobile devices. Failure to do this will force a job candidate to switch between devices, which may frustrate them to the point of abandoning your listing.

To optimize for mobile, keep the listing brief and to the point. Make it easy on the reader’s eyes by dividing it up into easily digestible chunks of information with bullet points. Consider using a mobile-responsive career site too.

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