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To land the best jobs in Denver this spring, you are going to need an exceptional resume. Constructing an effective resume is not difficult, but it does require time and effort. Keep in mind that the hiring manager of the company that you wish to work for is going to look at your resume briefly. Make sure that your resume makes an impact on them.

1. Use the Correct Format

The layout of your resume is crucial, and nothing will get your resume thrown out more quickly than a resume that is not formatted correctly. A few things to remember:

  • White space is essential. A half-inch margin is good, but a full inch is even better. Keep it simple for the reader to peruse.
  • Use spell-check. Nothing worse than grammatical errors on a resume. Take it a step further and let another person read it for content and readability.
  • Cut the fluff. Keep the resume clear and concise. Keep only the essential items and eliminate sections such as references.
  • Maintain consistency. Try to make sure that your fonts and font sizes are the same throughout the document. Consider using similar headings too.

2. Tailor Your Resume to the Position

Scan the keywords of the posting for that dream job you are seeking. Look closely at the descriptors for the type of person they are seeking and then use these keywords in your resume, if possible. Do not attempt to use all of the keywords; just use ones that can naturally highlight your experience. You can even search for keyword examples online for examples of strong keywords to use in your resume.

3. Keep it Relevant

When you consider that an employer takes an average time of six seconds to glance at your resume, it becomes apparent that you keep your resume length to a single page. Strive for a clean, visually appealing look for your resume that includes the keywords that the employer is seeking. Make sure to include your relevant experience for the particular job, and if possible, put it close to the top. If you can’t rearrange your resume, include the keywords with your relevant experience, which will make your experience stand out to the employer.

4. Do not use Past Resumes

Re-examine your resume consistently and clean it up if necessary. Do you have new information to add to it? If so, you will have to take some older information off. Make sure to emphasize the relevant information. Never simply send out one standard resume. Scrutinize it each time for each employer, making sure it is up to date and tailored toward the particular employer.

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