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Addressing poor performance with an employee is a challenge for most managers. The confrontation may lead to finger-pointing, anger, and denial if not executed properly. Poor performance causes many issues for any organization, and it is a problem that requires careful handling. Here are tips for confronting your poorly performing employee.

Be Specific

You must be able to convince the poor performing employee that there is a problem. Facts and numbers will add weight to your confrontation. It is essential to have a consistent record over a period that details the frequency and intensity of the problem. Do not exaggerate your statements, be specific, and give examples supported by facts.

One on One Confrontation

When you confront an underperforming employee, there is a high chance that they will be defensive and embarrassed. Do not add to this misery by facing them in front of their peers, coworkers, and friends. It will embarrass them less while making them trust you more.

Consider Your Employees Needs

Poor work performance is not always the product of an employee’s carelessness. There are various and legitimate reasons for poor performance, and it can vary from person to person. Understand the logic to determine if it is valid. Even if the cause is not legitimate, try to offer solutions to address the problem such as counseling for an employee with depression.


When giving feedback, attempt to be direct and clear with your message. Try to incorporate strategies that will help you effectively deliver your feedback. If your employee is struggling to meet their goals, provide what is necessary to assist them. Deliver weekly or monthly feedback to the struggling employees to ensure they are aware of what needs to be accomplished and to help them stay on track.

Provide Performance Support

If your employee is not meeting expectations, offer them resources that will help them to improve, such as retraining. You might consider pairing the underperforming employee with another worker who acts as a mentor. The employee can use a manual with procedures to follow. There is now performance improvement technology to assist workers in becoming efficient and accurate in their work within the flow of work.


When an employee is underperforming, consider using a rewards and punishment approach. This method is proven. On a weekly or monthly basis, recognize your best performers, and reward them. Hopefully, it will ignite a passion in your underperforming employees and give them the desire to work harder.

Confronting poor performing employees is difficult, and you must handle it in a timely fashion for the sake of productivity. If you need the services of a staffing agency in Denver, consider PrideStaff. The professionals at PrideStaff Denver Northwest can offer you quick placements, better employees, and an increase in your efficiency.

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