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These days, job candidates have more options than ever before. Salary and job perks are no longer enough to attract and keep top talent in Denver and elsewhere. It is essential to create a company culture in which your employees will take pride. Here are a few approaches to do just that.

Align the Culture With Your Core Values

Create a work culture that is an extension of your values. Consider your personality. Are you innovative? Creative? Do you work hard and expect the same level of initiative from others? The key is to inject your values into your company and reward the employees who understand it. Understand who you are and the kind of culture you want to create.

Hire People Who Have What You Lack

Try to hire people who have different experiences than yourself. Avoid hiring clones of yourself. Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then fill in the gaps with employees who possess traits to fill in the gaps. Bad with numbers? Hire someone who knows finance. Do you enjoy taking risks? Hire someone conservative. Diverse perspectives help to create a winning culture.

Keep it Fun

Keeping it fun does not mean that you must throw a party every week! There are many creative ways to engage your employees in activities to make work not feel like work. Give them a full day or half-day off each week, have contests, play miniature golf, or have a cookout. Just do something to let your employees relax and have fun.

Get Your Employees to Buy-In

You want your employees to trust in your company and what you are trying to achieve. To do this, let them in on the inside workings of the company. Introduce every employee to top leadership. Treat the employees and their families to dinner. Do whatever it takes to win them over and create a positive work environment.


Eliminate the words employees and departments from your vocabulary. You are all one team, so act accordingly. Building a sense of unity and community will foster a positive work environment. Your best employees will always be those who are team players and support the company, management, and co-workers.

Allow the Culture to Evolve

Culture takes work and needs the freedom to evolve. Holding on too tight will smother your culture, and it may lose its core. Consistently evaluate your team. You may need to let go of employees who do not evolve with your company culture. Create a culture that makes your people want to come to work.

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