Planning for a Successful Day at Work

Being productive at work is about being the best at what you do, being disciplined, systematic, well-prepared, organized, and working smarter. Productivity is about doing all these things in a timely fashion. By working efficiently, you will accomplish more in less time with better results. The key to increasing your work productivity lies in replacing bad habits and reactive patterns with good, proactive habits. Here are a few ways to help you have a successful day at work.

Stop the Multitasking

When work piles up, it is tempting to tackle numerous projects at once. Unfortunately, this juggling of phone calls and presentations while trying to eat lunch does not work. Research shows that multitasking lessens productivity by 40% due to the mental blocks created from switching tasks. Focusing on one job at a time will help you complete tasks faster. Quit trying to do everything at once. Focus your energy on one job, and watch your productivity increase dramatically.

Create a To-Do List

A to-do list is a useful tool for productivity. A list will help you become organized, provide you with focus, and it will give you satisfaction as you check off your accomplishments. After each workday, set aside a few minutes to prepare a list of specific tasks to work on the next day. Creating lists will give you direction for what you wish to accomplish daily. The list can be electronic or paper and will help you manage your time wisely. Consult your list throughout the day to stay on track and check off items as you complete the tasks.

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Delegation can make your job faster and easier. However, you must learn how to delegate tasks the right way. If you do it incorrectly, you will end up with more work to do because you will end up supervising the action you assigned. This method of delegation is micromanaging and not delegation. The key to successful delegation is to allocate the right task to the right person, an individual who has the skills to accomplish the task without supervision. Delegation is effective when practiced correctly.

Carefully Plan Phone Calls

Effectively managing phone calls will boost your productivity. Unless you are expecting an urgent phone call, turn your phone off when working on a project that demands your full attention. If an unplanned call does come in, allow yourself to let it go to voicemail and return the call when you have dedicated time to do so. By committing to one task at a time and minimizing distractions, you’ll better channel your energy and maximize your productivity.

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