Remain Professional in the Workplace

It only takes a few seconds for someone to form their impression of you, so make sure it is a professional one. What you wear is crucial, even if your company does not have a dress code. Dress in clothing appropriate for your work environment and take cues from your colleagues. Stand straight, make eye contact, smile, and face people when they are speaking to you. Arrive to work early and stay alert when you arrive.  


Open office environments are the norm, and your workspace is now public. These days it is crucial to keep your desk tidy.  

  • Always keep your space clean and professional  
  • Respect colleagues’ workspace, and do not walk in and sit down unless invited to do so 
  • Limit your personal calls, and do not interrupt others on the phone 
  • Be aware that smells and noise from food consumption may distract others 


Making a positive impact is important, and how you treat your colleagues is significant. Learn your co-workers’ names quickly. People can tell if you do not know their names and may think you do not value them. Show respect to everyone from the maintenance staff members to the board of directors. Everyone matters and deserves your respect. Be careful about sharing personal information and avoid asking colleagues about personal issues. Always respect personal space.  


Professional workplace communication is not only what you say but also how you say it. To communicate professionally: 

  • Try to return emails and phone calls in 24 hours 
  • Ask permission before putting someone on a speakerphone 
  • Always use the subject box in emails and make it relate directly to the message 
  • Avoid saying anything in an email that you would not say to someone’s face 
  • Underlining, italicizing, bolding, coloring, and changing font size in an email can make a message seem aggressive so avoid this practice 

International Etiquette 

The global market is growing, and the need to understand international etiquette is essential. Take the time to research the country you are working with and make notes about their protocol, culture, and customs. Knowing the language creates an excellent impression with the people with whom you are conducting business. Be mindful of time zones. Be aware of the country’s holidays and be respectful of the time surrounding them. Meal customs are critical, and mistakes can be costly. Make sure you are knowledgeable about meal customs so you can enjoy the meal instead of worrying about it! 

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