Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

The elevator pitch is the prepared statement that defines your product, service, or your value as an employee in a short amount of time. It typically includes an introduction and then moves on to a summary of the subject and concludes with a question. The pitch should consist of clear language expressed in layman’s terms. Here are useful tips to make your next elevator pitch a memorable one.

Keep it Simple

It is essential to keep your elevator pitch simple. Cut jargon and fad words and try to ensure that the average person with no knowledge of your industry can understand your speech. Providing numbers and analogies can help you bridge differences between you and the person to whom you are speaking. Keep in mind that elevator rides are of different lengths, so be prepared to alter your elevator pitch with several different lengths to accommodate various scenarios.

Include a Hook

If you want an opportunity to deliver your elevator pitch, ask someone what they do or in what industry do they work. Most people will always return the favor and ask you what you do. When you get this opportunity, do not leave it with a flat statement or a declaration. Always try to end with a question, which is a great way to keep the conversation going. It will get the other person engaged and allow you to take the conversation to the next level.

Prepare for Questions

Try to think of possible questions you might receive after your pitch. Remember that it is not enough to gain their attention; you must be able to deliver. Be ready to explain how you will achieve what you claim or how you are better than the competition.

Prepare More Than One Elevator Pitch

It is prudent to have several versions of your elevator pitch. Remember that everyone you meet and talk to is playing a different role in the bigger picture. Depending on where someone is within a company, each has a different need. It is vital that you can tailor your elevator pitch in multiple ways to address various concerns.

Essential Elements of an Elevator Pitch

You can create an elevator pitch that is uniquely your own, and it will help you leave a lasting impact. No matter how you choose to craft your elevator pitch, try to include these critical elements within the pitch:

  • A quick introduction to you and your business
  • Around 30 to 60 seconds in length
  • Sparks a response
  • It is authoritative
  • Highlights your value and problem-solving ability
  • Introduces your uniqueness
  • It is relatable

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