staffing up during busy season

Peak production season is a challenging time for all companies. It is peak season, the time when you need all your employees to show up consistently and be ready and eager to work. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.

Here are some strategies to help you staff up for peak production season at your company.


An effective way to manage peak season and the staffing shortages that may occur is by teaching your employees to perform various jobs within your company. This training will allow you to have coverage when it is needed. Furthermore, the training boosts job satisfaction as it challenges your staff members who might be bored in their current roles. Engage your higher-level employees to mentor trainees until they are up to speed.

Provide Incentives

Incentives are useful for addressing short-term attendance issues. Although incentives can help to motivate your employees and get the productivity you seek, be careful not to overuse incentives. Consider providing something for your employees with perfect attendance, the ones who show up at work every day without taking sick days. Gift certificates for dinner or a movie work well for rewarding employees.

Use Overtime

Many of your employees will welcome the extra income that overtime provides. This welcoming of extra work hours is especially true if your peak season is close to the holiday season. When utilized sparingly, overtime is no more costly to your organization than is temporary labor when you add in training expenses.

Family and Friends

When it comes to staffing for peak season, please do not be shy about asking your employees to refer their relatives or friends for employment. Yes, many companies frown upon hiring friends and family members, even when it is for temporary help. However, for peak season, these acquaintances can be a source of reliable support when the going gets rough.

Go Back to School

Need supervisory help? Colleges and universities are great places to find supervisory support during peak season. If your peak production times are predictable, you can arrange to hire management or logistics students as interns to assist supervisors.

Hire Temporary Employees

You can find excellent temporary help using a staffing agency. Using a staffing agency will allow your company to bring in more workers for peak season and scale back your workforce in response to the ebbs and flows of demand. These temporary employees can bring with them new skills and perspectives that can improve your efficiency during your busiest production times. Who knows, bringing in temporary help during the peak season may eventually lead to meaningful hires down the road.

Need Help?

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