Competition for top talent is fierce and retaining these valuable workers is vital for the success of your company. The cost of employee turnover remains high, and there are other hidden costs, such as reduced productivity, decreased commitment, training costs, and cultural impact. If you want to improve workplace retention, you must hire the right people. Here is help for making the right hire.


Try to use unique, investigative interview questions to separate top candidates from the rest of the pack. An understanding of company culture and the ability to bring in talent that aligns with that culture is key to retention. So, use questions that target personality traits or that examine the candidate’s likes and dislikes. Mix in less common interview questions to get a feel for what the client is like and what motivates them. The interview process can help you to weed out early candidates who will not be a good fit while focusing on what areas are critical to retention within your organization.


Assessments can improve your insights on a candidate by providing statistics and analytics on different traits, including skill sets, and the ability of the candidate to perform the job. The candidate can demonstrate their abilities using job simulations, give a glimpse of who they are through personality tests, and answer questions regarding skill sets specific to the job.

Statistics allow you to make an informed hiring decision while giving you the qualitative data to back up your decision. The candidate also benefits because they can evaluate the job they will be doing and know if it is something they can do day in and day out. It gives them the chance to withdraw from the hiring process while reducing early-stage attrition for your company.


The use of data is a fast-growing trend in talent acquisition. It allows you to make informed decisions regarding whom to hire and who not to hire. The result is information to inform your hiring team better, reduced compliance concerns, and the chance to avoid less-qualified candidates who interview better than they perform the actual job. The use of data will make the process more selective, give you better information, and help improve your retention rates.


Significant benefits can go a long way in keeping employees and prospective employees happy and engaged. Sure, health care coverage and paid sick leave is good, but try to step beyond these standard perks. Offer stock options or additional financial rewards for employees who will stay with you for an extended period. Compensation and bonuses are vital to retaining employees. A flexible work schedule with the opportunity to work remotely can show possible employees that you value their contribution to your company.

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