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Your resume is one of the prime ways an employer can assess you as a possible job candidate, and a flawed submission can get you screened out quickly. Typos, grammatical errors, and submitting resumes that do not match the job description will put you out of consideration with any employer. When you apply to your next job, try to avoid some of these common resume mistakes.

Telling Instead of Showing

Want to lose credibility with a potential employer? State how great you are without providing evidence to back the statement up. Descriptive and fancy buzz words might look good on paper, but they do not demonstrate what you are capable of in an employer’s eyes.

Instead of talking about skills, demonstrate how you can use these skills. Not only is it an efficient manner to share your experience, but it will also help you stand out from the crowd. Consider using the STAR method. Provide the situation, task, action, and result of different projects you are involved with, and include all the specific information and metrics.

Including an Objective on Your Resume

Contrary to what you might believe, you should never place an objective on a resume. A frequent mistake that job seekers make is putting an objective on a resume instead of a professional summary. Do not just tell a recruiter you want a job, show them why they should hire you with a professional summary.

A professional summary can state who you are as a professional and what skill sets you can offer a company. A summary should introduce you with information that will make a reader want to know more about you.

Failure to Customize Your Resume

As you apply to multiple jobs, there may be the temptation to use a one-size-fits-all generic resume. Avoid this practice at all costs. These days, resumes are subject to electronic review before they reach a recruiter. If your resume does not consist of the specific keywords the company is seeking, the recruiter will probably never see it.

Although it may be challenging to construct a different, unique resume for every employer, it is well worth the effort. Customizing each resume with keywords from the job posting is crucial for passing electronic screening.

Bad Writing

Experience and accomplishments are crucial to your success, but if you do not communicate them correctly, they are meaningless. How you express yourself on your resume will impact the way a hiring manager perceives you.

Check for grammatical errors and be sure your resume carries a professional tone. Be sure that your resume is understandable by reading your resume out loud to yourself. Ask a friend or teammate to read your resume to spot potential problems before you submit it.

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