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Burnout is a prevalent condition in the workplace these days. On average, you spend 2.6 hours per day checking email. Add to that more than eight hours a day at work and 23 hours a week stuck in meetings. You get the point. Although not a medical condition itself, burnout can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and insomnia. The World Health Organization categorizes workplace burnout as an occupational phenomenon, a work hazard. So as a worker facing burnout, what can you do?

The Signs and Symptoms of Workplace Burnout

If you feel exhausted, feel like you hate your job, and feel less capable at your work, you are probably showing the signs of workplace burnout. Specifically, here are a few signs that it might be time to take a break:

  • Alienation from work-related activities. If you are experiencing burnout, you will probably be viewing your job as stressful and frustrating. You might even be cynical toward your position and your co-workers. The result is an increase in distance and a feeling of numbness.
  • Physical symptoms. The chronic stress of workplace burnout might lead to physical symptoms such as headaches, stomachaches, or intestinal problems.
  • Emotional exhaustion. Burnout can make you feel drained, incapable to cope, and tired. You might feel as though you are too tired to complete your work.
  • A reduction in performance. If you are undergoing burnout, you are probably feeling hostile toward tasks. Difficulty concentrating and a lack of creativity are also common signs of workplace burnout.

The Benefits of Taking a Break

Vacations and short breaks away from work to get physical and psychological space from our jobs’ demands have rewards. Some time off interrupts the cycle of stress that leads to us feeling overwhelmed. Breaks give us an escape from chronic stress so we can restore ourselves physically and mentally.

Chronic stress leads to a decrease in creativity, memory problems, and other issues. Breaking this stress cycle can lead to sharper thinking and increased creativity in all areas of our lives. The result is that we become better at our jobs, more available in our personal and professional relationships, have more energy, and can enjoy our families and our lives to the fullest.

Take Some Time Off

This holiday season take some time off. Vacations are essential. Unfortunately, many vacation days go unused because we do not appreciate the value of taking time off. The key to a restful break is to prioritize rest and fun. Do not overbook yourself with tourist activities or bring work along with you. Doing these things will make you feel as though you need a vacation from your vacation! Even if you do not have much vacation time, you can still take a short break to disrupt your stress response and get back into action.

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