Reflecting on 2020 Success

As we approach the end of 2020, it is ideal for reflecting on your successes this year. If you do not pause to reflect on your success, no one else will. In our busy workplace, we often fail to recognize how much we have accomplished throughout the year. We fail to pause and enjoy looking back at the obstacles we have overcome for success. You are a success, so take some time to reflect on your accomplishments.

Reflect for Your Performance Reviews

Reflection can help you prepare for your annual performance review. It is common for companies to ask employees to rate their performance in preparation for their performance evaluation. If you do not regularly record your accomplishments over the past year, it might not be easy to recall all your evaluation successes.

When you periodically reflect on successes and take the time to write them down, it will be easy to share them with your boss. Although they may be aware of your accomplishments, they might not know about the details and the obstacles you faced to get the job done. Recording these details will help you share them.

Reflect to Prepare for a Promotion

A significant reason to reflect on the year and your successes is to gather facts to demonstrate you are ready for a promotion. Consider putting numbers to these accomplishments:

  • Time saved
  • Money earned
  • Profits achieved
  • New contracts signed
  • Percentage of sales increased

It is essential to identify the value you bring to projects, your department, or your company. The number is not important. Take the time to recognize the value of your successes. It enables you to prove your worth to your company.

Reflect for Personal Understanding

In the corporate world, we rarely take the time to appreciate our successes and the value we bring to an employer. Reflect on your accomplishments, if for no other reason than to understand your worth. Consider keeping a file that contains your emails, texts and notes that you receive. These can help you get through bad days. Keep a notebook that allows you to jot down the key points of a project, so when you share your accomplishments, you will have a point of reference to aid your memory. Remember to keep your resume up to date, so when a promotion or new job opportunity arises, you will have an updated resume ready to go instead of trying to scramble to put one together. Set aside time yearly to update your resume with your accomplished projects and goals. Do not forget to quantify each bullet point with the value that the new skill or project achieved.

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