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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 is a year of unprecedented challenges for businesses. As companies are changing to meet the obstacles of 2020, what they are seeking from job candidates will be different too. Work is becoming increasingly technological and online-centric, and recruiters are looking for employees who can fit into this new work model.

What are Recruiters Looking for in Top-Applicants?


Diversity in the workplace will increase in 2021 and it will extend beyond a person’s background to include how they think and approach their work. 2021 will have GenZ entering the workforce and baby boomers retiring later, so expect diversity across multiple generations. Employers will be looking for personnel who can find new, creative ways for their businesses to grow while they leverage a diverse, multi-generational workforce. Companies worldwide are pledging to support greater diversity, and candidates, employees, and consumers are looking to see those promises in action.

Greater Flexibility

The COVID Pandemic is certainly altering the way we conduct business, and it is increasing flexibility in the workplace. In 2021, both candidates and companies will be seeking flexibility as it relates to working from home, scheduling, and other hybrid styles of remote work. Employers are already discovering that their workers can be productive at home, so expect this trend to continue and increase in the coming year.

Employer Branding

Jobs are starting to come back, and in 2021 employers will seek to improve their reputation and popularity in job seekers’ eyes. As employees seek new opportunities, those companies with strong branding will have an advantage in recruiting. Expect recruiters to move beyond the typical perks and office amenities and publicize what their company is doing to support employees, customers, and communities in times of crisis.

Virtual Recruiting

Due to COVID-19, hybrid workforces of on-site and remote employees are the new normal. So, expect a hybrid hiring process combining virtual and in-person recruiting to become the new normal as well. It will not be unusual for entry-level job candidates to experience a completely virtual hiring process without stepping foot in the employer’s office door. Next year, companies will need to refine their virtual hiring processes while looking for ways to add human touches to their system.

Remote Work

Remote work will increase in 2021. It has benefits beyond the pandemic’s safety, including diverse talent pools, increased productivity and retention, savings on salaries and facilities, and a smaller carbon footprint. Recruiters will provide insights into the transition. Recruiters know where the talent is, and they know what the talent wants and needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is on the rise, and recruiters want to know how it will impact the job search and what job seekers need to be aware of to maximize their job search. So, expect automation and artificial intelligence to become more prevalent in 2021.


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