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Remote work is a challenge, and it can make maintaining business relationships difficult. Without face-to-face interaction, communication with team members can be less than productive. Strong relationships are crucial for productivity in the workplace.

How Can We Develop or Continue Relationships While Working Remotely?


Be Accessible

Remote work allows you to work at your own pace, which is a nice perk. However, it would be best to keep your team members’ work pace in mind as you work. Try to work similar hours as your employees if possible and consider creating a schedule that makes you available for a certain part of the workday. The time you allot can be for team meetings, catching up, general discussion, or one-on-one conversations. If you need a quiet moment to work, let your team members know. Establishing strong connections with employees is impossible without being accessible to them.

Allow Chit Chat

Just because you and your crew are working remotely, it does not mean that you cannot have some fun. If you enjoyed stopping by colleagues’ desks for small talk occasionally, you could continue to do so remotely. Consider a dedicated space for casual conversations on a separate Slack channel or a WhatsApp group. The idea is to establish a place for informal discussions. These conversations generate trust and camaraderie among your employees, making them feel like they belong even when working remotely.

Help Each Other Remotely

The COVID pandemic is creating challenges for companies globally, and many workers are dealing with hardships during these difficult times. The great news is that many corporations are donating and helping others during this unprecedented event. Maybe you and your colleagues can contribute some time for a good cause? Relief efforts require a variety of skills, so there are numerous ways you can help. You will find that this work is not only satisfying, but it will create a bond between you and your colleagues as you work for a common cause.

Show Empathy

Remote work is challenging, and some of your employees may have challenges beyond the typical distractions of working from home. Some may have small children or an elderly parent that requires special care. Try to be empathetic to your team members by helping them out and giving them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Be Nice

Being nice to people should be a no-brainer, but that is not always the case. Remember that if you want people to like you, you must be genuinely nice to them. Take up some of their work or compliment them for doing a good job. Being kind in everyday conversations makes a huge impact. Build relationships by being emotionally present for your team members. Keep in mind that being emotionally present without being authentic is meaningless.

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