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COVID-19 is seriously impacting job hunting with the competition for jobs skyrocketing. The typical online job ad these days attracts about 250 resumes. Worse still, you can expect to compete with over 1,000 applications for companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon. It is common to not hear from employers when you apply, and the process is longer now due to employers not being able to set up in-person interviews. COVID-19 is changing the game. Here are a few ways that COVID-19 is changing job hunting and tips on managing the new job hunt.

Three Tips For Your COVID-19 Job Hunt


Job Interviewing

Due to COVID-19, all job interviews now take place online. Unfortunately, this process makes it more difficult for employers to make decisions when they cannot meet a prospect in person. Employers are currently adding more interviews and using interview question video responses before allowing candidates to speak with a hiring manager. Senior-level executives will probably be a part of your interviewing process, so be ready to discuss your accomplishments. Employers are asking situational questions, so have stories prepared to answer these types of questions appropriately. Write out your answers in advance so you are ready when looking at hiring managers online.



COVID-19 is increasing competition for jobs. Because of this, your resume must get through the applicant tracking system known as ATS. Be careful not to use a resume format that will not work with ATS. Avoid tables, columns, headers, footers, graphic, or creative designs as these will not work with ATS. Read job ads carefully and highlight the specific skills and experience that the employer is seeking. Consider the work you have done in the past, and between the two, you will be able to construct appropriate keywords. Employers typically glance at a resume for 15 to 20 seconds, so be ready. The best way to get their attention is to use a targeted resume that accentuates the outcomes you have achieved in your past jobs. Employers believe that you will likely achieve results for them if you have achieved results in the past.


The Best Way to Land a Job During COVID-19

Networking remains the best way to find a job when you consider that most positions never receive an advertisement. Make a list of people you can consider for help. This list might include friends, neighbors, colleagues, and LinkedIn connections. Decide on the job you want and reach out to the contacts on your list. Using your contacts for referrals to hiring managers, HR and recruiters can pay off. Studies suggest that job seekers with referrals have a 50% chance of getting a job interview. For those job seekers who have no referrals, this number drops to 3%.


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