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When you work from home, the environment is different from your office, but the expectations remain the same. It is vital that you create a work environment in your home that promotes productivity. Here are five ways to help you stay productive while working from home.

Five Productivity Tips for Working at Home


Select a Location That Fits Your Needs

It is essential to create a workspace to associate with your job if you want to stay productive while working from home. A dedicated home office space should be a place where you can shut the door and eliminate distractions. Studies indicate that having a specific workplace in your home is vital to helping you stay focused. Of course, an office in your home is ideal, but this might not be possible. Try to make the best use of a kitchen counter, a dining room table, or a hallway desk. Do not work in your bedroom. Your body and mind associate this room with sleep, so trying to get work done in bed usually does not work out.

Have a Strategy

If you are working virtually, you will lack your typical normal structure. It is essential that you keep a more structured daily schedule than usual. Working from home is not about sitting around in your pajamas with your television in the background. You must approach the day just as you do when working at the office. Try to maintain your morning routine of getting dressed, having coffee, or anything else you normally do to support your work mindset. Writing out a to-do list will help you stay productive throughout the day.

Take Breaks and Change Things Up

Short breaks every few hours can help you increase your mental clarity and increase your overall productivity. Consider walking around the block to encourage the flow of ideas. You might try working at a local coffee shop or library for a change of scenery. If you cannot get outside, have your lunch by a window. Do you know others who are working from home? Invite them over for an informal workgroup to help you get closer to the in-office work experience.

Keep Regular Hours

To maintain a regular work schedule, keep meeting schedules, and regular calls with your team. Try not to let your office transition to your home keep you from maintaining a strict schedule. If you exercise before work or have a set lunchtime, try to support these activities at home. The more familiar and consistent you can keep your schedule, the better. Remember to keep your good habits, but do not let bad habits such as sleeping in, playing video games, and watching television creep into your daily routine.


Socializing is still important when you work from home. Disconnection and isolation are detrimental to your mental health so stay connected. Zoom, Skype, or other programs can help you communicate face-to-face and keep in touch with your colleagues.

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