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The pandemic is making virtual interviewing the norm. Are virtual interviews as effective as face-to-face interviews? Let us take a glance at what each method of interviewing has to offer.

Face-to-Face Interviewing

In-person interviewing leads to job offers more often than virtual interviewing. When you interview for a career in person, you have the advantage of seeing the office and understanding the corporate culture. It permits you to gain insight into the company, such as the communication, dress code, and other employees’ temperament. The insights will help you determine if you are a good fit for the organization.

Skype does not offer the chance to impress an interviewer in the manner of a traditional interview. You can be spontaneous and creative in person, and you do not have to worry whether the interviewer understood your message or body language. Meeting in person lets you gauge the interviewer’s reaction to know if they are genuinely interested.

Of course, an in-person interview requires preparation. You will need to find out about the company and how to dress for your interview properly. You will need to be particularly conscious of your gestures and body language. A face-to-face interview is more stressful than a virtual meeting as you worry about the necessity of being at the place you have never been and being there on time. There may be other hidden surprises as well.


A virtual interview such as a Skype interview is fast, convenient, and requires much less effort than face-to-face meetings. It is more effective than a phone interview too. A virtual interview allows you to use body language and gestures for clearer communication with an interviewer. It is especially significant if the job requires a good physical appearance. A virtual interview can also:

  • Save the employer’s money. Video interviewing allows employers to save money by not paying travel expenses.
  • It saves time for both parties. With a Skype interview, you do not need to commute, wait in queues, or worry about which clothes will impress an interviewer.
  • It is possible to record interviews. With Skype, an interviewer can record the interview to show the recording to other team members later. This feature replaces multiple rounds of interviews.
  • You can speak from a place of comfort. Virtual interviewing allows you to speak from a place you are most comfortable such as your home. This feature eliminates the stress of interviewing in a strange environment.

There can be connection problems, which might lead to a misinterpretation of questions or answers. If you are not comfortable speaking on the camera, it may pose other problems. You might come across as reserved and not perform well. Building a rapport with an interviewer is more difficult than a face-to-face meeting, decreasing your odds of obtaining the job.

A Skype interview may work better in the preliminary stages before the real interview. However, if you are interested in a job, always try to interview in person if possible. Unlike a Skype interview, it will allow you to build a rapport and evaluate a company culture.

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